Cloud Copper Memory Foam

A layer of our Cloud Copper Foam helps to regulate moisture,
temperature and odour for a cleaner, more refreshing sleep. Our specialised Memory Foam is infused with Copper, adapting to your body’s millions of micro-pressure points for advanced pressure relief. The result: a better sleep and a better you. 3.5 cm


Aero-Flow Foam

Aero-Flow Foam introduces a push layer of adaptable comfort. This customised Foam is specially designed to enhance breathability whilst regulating moisture and odour for a more refreshing night’s sleep, 2cm


2000 Hybrid Adapt Pocket Springs

Specially designed to individually adjust to your body’s contour whilst you sleep. our Hybrid Adapt pocket springs naturally align your body’s spine and pressure points for improved performance. 2cm


Cloud Comfort Foam

A layer of our Cloud Comfort Foam provides enhanced comfort and suppleness, helping you get the deeper, more refreshing sleep needed for recovery. 2.5 cm


4000 Soft Flex Pocket Springs

4000 Soft Flex Pocket Springs provide a core of adaptable support, providing relief to your joints and helping to align your spine. 16 cm


Breasley Core Foam

A base layer of our Breasley Core Foam provides a foundation of firm, reliable support. 4 cm