Cloud Copper Memory Foam

A layer of our Cloud Copper Foam helps to regulate moisture, temperature and odour for a cleaner, more refreshing sleep. Our specialised Memory Foam is infused with Copper, adapting to your body’s millions of micro-pressure points for advanced pressure relief. The result: a better sleep and a better you. 3 cm


Cloud Comfort Foam

A layer of our Cloud Comfort Foam provides enhanced comfort and suppleness, helping you get the deeper, more refreshing sleep needed for recovery. 4 cm


2000 Soft Flex Pocket Springs

2000 Soft Flex Pocket Springs provide a core of adaptable support,
providing relief to your joints and helping to align your spine. 14 cm


Breasley Core Foam

A base layer of our Breasley Core Foam provides a foundation of firm, reliable support. 5 cm